Chandra Bhaga silver moon in you is reflected

Chandra Bhaga silver moon in you is reflected
Chandravati temple sculpture

golden sun-rays kiss softly life and the Bells of Joy sing a hymn--Jhalawar-Patan

I do not know what to say now but I will come to you when the muse holds me in her inspiring arms!!

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Indian art more sublime than Europe 'Renaissance' ----the life of time on surya mandir Jhalrapatan

Timeless beauty--Forever Young

the mandap Surya mandir--a place for social gatherings great art in stone and a history of the times

Loving Couple--Premi Yugal

the temples in India from ancient times made God part of shared space with the people. The life of the times comes on the temple walls. The beauty of men and women, their dresses, headgear, ornaments, hairstyles and their social life--the singing, the playing of music, dancing, making love, mother and her child, and loving affectionate couples and worship.
the temples were a great statement of art, beauty, and joy in timeless youthfulness of the gods and of ordinary people. the finely proportioned ideal beauty of goddesses and of ordinary women was
from the blessed domain of akshat yauvan--eternal youth. It gave people visiting the temple greater joy and positive energy to work, relax and worship.

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