Chandra Bhaga silver moon in you is reflected

Chandra Bhaga silver moon in you is reflected
Chandravati temple sculpture

golden sun-rays kiss softly life and the Bells of Joy sing a hymn--Jhalawar-Patan

I do not know what to say now but I will come to you when the muse holds me in her inspiring arms!!

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Jhalawar-the Malwa landscape

Jhalawar though politically is in Rajasthan but geographically it is part of the land of Malwa that is better served with rivers and a loamy and mineral rich soil. the language is a mix of Malwi and Khari Boli in the town and in villages are dialects. the cultural influence of the land comes from the interactions with the land Guptas had enriched this area. the art that developed carried the influence of neighbouring Udaipur. the temples of Chndrabhaga show a highly mature and expressive art.
the painting art on a modest scale reflects the life and culture of the people and the Palace.
the GARH PALACE IN Jhalawar town contains the princely art of paintings, and frescoes. Unfortunately the Palace housed Govt Offices for very long and some of the art work is destroyed because of negligence as well as ignorance. You will see some of the beautiful frescoes have been painted over or the fresco plaster is peeling off. I hope the Govt understand the value of our past and culture is an important repository of our heritage. the Govt should get some experts to clean the paint and restore the frescoes to their pristine glory so that indians and others can enjoy their culturally rich land.

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