Chandra Bhaga silver moon in you is reflected

Chandra Bhaga silver moon in you is reflected
Chandravati temple sculpture

golden sun-rays kiss softly life and the Bells of Joy sing a hymn--Jhalawar-Patan

I do not know what to say now but I will come to you when the muse holds me in her inspiring arms!!

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jainism--non-violence and Business

Ranakpur Jain Temple

jainism alongside Buddhism is a great religion of Peace. The Jains not only traded internationally but also built great artistic and architectural wonders. from Karnataka, Gujrat, to Rajasthan you have many fine examples of extreme in art. while the temples of Ranakpur and Delwara in Mount Abu are resplendent and opulent the great Bahubali Gomateswar in south karnataka is example of the frugal serenity (along with Jain temples of Ellora, Halebid). The intricate marble carving in Delwara and Ranakpur temples is matchless anywhere in the world.

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